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Combinations of Drugs in the Treatment of Obesity - NCBI

Keywords: drug combination, phentermine, fenfluramine, ephedrine, caffeine, sibutramine, orlistat, metformin, bupropion, naltrexone, ... own websites, since they have not been yet submitted to peer-review in medical journals. ... Increased incidence of side effects, due to additive action and interaction of medications;. (2 ).


Naltrexone SR/Bupropion SR (Contrave) - NCBI - NIH

There is a potential for drug interactions with bupropion because of its extensive .... the FDA also rejected the NDA for a topiramate/phentermine combination ...


Adipex-P and Wellbutrin Drug Interactions -

A Major Drug Interaction exists between Adipex-P and Wellbutrin. View detailed information regarding this drug interaction.


A New Breed Of 'Diet' Pills - WSJ - Wall Street Journal

22 Aug 2006 ... One drug, Wellbutrin, comes with a "black box" warning that it may cause ... Users compare the success rates and side effects of the ... takes Adipex, or phentermine ; the antidepressants Wellbutrin and Celexa; and Topamax.


A New Combination of Drugs Produces Dramatic Weight Loss - WSJ

14 Dec 2001 ... PHENTERMINE, HALF of the controversial weight-loss combination fen-phen, is back, but this time ... Side effects can include dry mouth, insomnia, headaches and constipation. ... E-mail comments to ...


Lorcaserin, phentermine topiramate combination, and naltrexone ...

naltrexone bupropion combination for weight loss: the 15-min challenge to ... phentermine topiramate combination (5), and nal- ... Drug interactions can occur with any of these agents, ..... bolic Diseases for the International Journal of Clinical.


Does phentermine interact badly with any drugs? -

13 Nov 2009 ... What drugs does it have a negative interaction with? ... doctor if you are taking anti-depressants including Prozac, Zoloft, Lexapro or Wellbutrin.


How to prevent serotonin syndrome from drug-drug interactions ...

Practice Points. • Know which drugs are associated with serotonin syndrome. • Understand the types of drug interactions that may precipitate serotonin ...


Mixing Diet Pills With Wellbutrin - Pedestal Magazine

Common Questions and Answers about Can i take phentermine with wellbutrin. Aa. A Drug Interactions checker indicates that these two drugs have a MAJOR ...